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Catholics Urged to Support Funding for Homelessness Services

Logo of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, Archdiocese of Brisbane

Tuesday 7th March 2023

The Brisbane Archdiocesan Justice & Peace Commission asserts that Catholics are called, at this time especially, to be voices of justice in support of our brothers and sisters who are homeless. We are particularly reminded during this time of Lent to remember who our neighbours are and to reach out to them in compassion and love, rather than walking by.

“In supporting the push to continue Commonwealth Equal Remuneration Order Funding for specialist homelessness services, which ceases on 1 July 2023, we can assist those who find themselves without safe shelter to be able to access targeted support. All Australians deserve the right to safe housing which is at the heart of individual and family wellbeing,” according to the Chair of the Brisbane Archdiocesan Justice & Peace Commission, Mrs Elizabeth Fort.

Mrs Fort said the Commission was particularly concerned that hundreds of calls for assistance are already turned away each day. “Funding needs to continue at least at the current level as the calls for help will only grow as the increasing cost of living and housing crisis expands. We cannot ignore the pleas of those without a home and shelter,” she said.

Mrs Fort continued, “As loving Christians, we need to contact our federal government members and call strongly for a continuation of Commonwealth Equal Remuneration Order Funding so that specialist support workers are enabled to continue their life-giving roles in assisting the vulnerable among us who are homeless.

Pope Francis calls on us to ‘overcome a culture of indifference that deadens us to the suffering of others.’ The Commission asks for the help of Australian Catholics in actioning voices of support for funding of the vital mission of specialist homelessness services that seek to restore human dignity to those they assist.”

For further information or comments, please contact Executive Officer Emma Beach on 3324 3010.