Good Friday Death Penalty Prayer Vigil

Photo of Pope Francis with quote about the death penalty.
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Since 2008, the Commission has hosted a prayer vigil on Good Friday to pray for those on death row around the world, for their families and for the victims of crime. COVID-19 has prevented us from gathering for this prayer vigil, but we are pleased to announce that the vigil will go ahead this year. We thank Corinda-Graceville Parish for collaborating with us in hosting this vigil once again.

All are invited to join us for prayer on Good Friday, April 15, at 12 noon at Christ the King Church, Churchill Street, Graceville. We have invited Scott Rush’s family and Australians against Capital Punishment to join us for this vigil. Scott was sentenced to death in Indonesia, but his sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Graceville is his family’s home parish and this is a special time for them and all those with family members on death row. Please share this with your networks.

1 thought on “Good Friday Death Penalty Prayer Vigil

  1. Francis Ribeiro

    Do the organisers believe that, in the absence of capital punishment, imprisonment for life (properly understood as “until the offender’s natural death”) can be a valid sentence in appropriate circumstances?


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