Join the Commission’s campaign to say “NO!” to cruelty to people seeking asylum. Over 300 people seeking asylum have lost most Government support and are being left destitute. Why not take a photo of a group from your parish, school or agency expressing solidarity with our sisters and brothers and either send it to the Commission or post it on our A Movement of the Heart Facebook page. See below for full instructions.

*Declaration on Destitution

*MR Photo Advocacy Campaign Asylum Seekers August 2018

*#WeSayNoToCruelty Photo Campaign Guide2

1 thought on “#WeSayNoToCruelty

  1. sirrobertgordon

    I congratulate you on this action. How many cut off across Australia in our name? Add to this , how many welfare recipients are cut off right now? All of this in our name, yours and mine. We have morphed into a police state. 50 years ago a policeman’s wage couldn’t keep a family. Read Snouts in the Trough – The Brotherhood behind the Badge, by Andrew Fraser, calls for Royal Commission. Brumby banned the book in 2010. Now Vic police get $65K plus shift and other allowances 18% super paid by taxpayers, and 9 weeks holiday if they work an extra 2 hours a week. It’s axiomatic that all detained in our name must be treated with dignity and respect, by public servants and not contractors. How dare any government deliberately treat detained people including prisoners cruelly . All prisoners on and off shore are entitles to normal health, education, activities, sport, entertainment and mental health services. In a country which is not fascist/Nazi that is. This can be argued quite separately from the question of off-shore detention.

    Rob Gordon 0415476619




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