We Will Lose Everything.

We Will Lose Everything May 2016

CJPC Brisbane’s report on its shadow human rights fact finding mission to West Papua this year finds that there is no improvement in human rights in West Papua.

It calls for action at the UN to investigate human rights abuses and for the Indonesian Government to negotiate with the United Liberation Movement for West Papua to find a pathway towards self determination.

2 thoughts on “We Will Lose Everything.

  1. calum

    This is possibly the worst report I have read on human rights situation in Papua. Not one bit of hard evidence but a lot of hearsay and it relies on the testimony of a very small group of politically motivated Papuans that have a history of exaggerating for political purposes. The first section is a historical overview that is biased but does outline well known human rights abuses from the past. The second section seems to be written to a standard that would not pass muster in Sr Bartholomew’s Year 5 Class at Star of the Sea Convent. Statements and accusations made without a scintilla of evidence. Human Rights in Papua is a very serious business and when incompetent amateurs author reports and make irresponsible claims in the mass media they need to be exposed as the provocateurs they really are. This report makes me embarrassed to be a Catholic and mocks serious human rights defenders in Papua….Shame on you CJPC Brisbane

  2. Octovianus Mote

    June 17th, 2016.

    Shame on you Calum. World is laugh at you. Do you think that crime against humanity that your beloved Colonial Indonesia committed to papua people for last more than 52 years are already reported by so many Human Rights Institution are not evidence?. As Catholic my self, I am shame to some one like you who claim your self as Catholic. What you said here contrary to Catholic teaching that I am so proud and devout to it. Your heart is already dead. West Papua is not animal hunting ground for some like you, but that creeping genocide. On that report, Papuan share their experience and Peace and Justice office only visit, listen, write up and share to the world that Papuan people life experience under Indonesia colonialism that you suporting simply for your stomach being Indonesia spy for many years as we all know about you as you said in our personal conversation.


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