Asylum Seeker Policy Petition

Carina Parish Asylum Seeker Petition

Our Lady of Graces Parish has organised a petition to the House of Representatives calling for policies which respect the human rights and dignity of asylum seekers. You are asked to collect printed names and signatures on the petition and return all sheets to Our Lady of Graces Catholic Parish, PO Box 305, Carina OLD 4152 by Wednesday 30 September.

3 thoughts on “Asylum Seeker Policy Petition

  1. Anne Shay

    Dear Peter, I’d be interested in signing tis petition. How do we download it? Blessings Anne​

    On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 9:14 PM, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission of

  2. Dr Denis Bartrum

    I have been made aware of the CJPC Brisbane Refugee Appeal Fund by our rector Bill Redman at St Thomas’ Anglican North Ipswich.
    I am a semi retired doctor( JP Qual Q)and wonder if JP and other suitable lay legal people could help to expedite the process. If we work with a sympathetic legal professional..this may hopefully expedite the process in a more economical fashion.


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