Sri Lanka Visit

The Executive Officer of the Catholic Justice & Peace Commission of Brisbane recently visited Sri Lanka as part of the 9th Justice and Peace Workers Network Gathering for Asia and the Pacific. What he encountered challenges efforts by the Australian Government to portray a rosy picture of the situation in post-war Sri Lanka. He urges Australia not to turn a blind eye to human rights abuses in Sri Lanka as part of its obsession with stopping the boats.

Do Not Turn a Blind Eye In Sri Lanka

Press Statement – 9th JPW Meeting

2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Visit

  1. TCJPC

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the information re Sri Lanka. I have forwarded to those on my contact list. It is very sad that the approach of this government is playing dumb and pretending people fleeing persecution don’t exist. It is very head in the sand, there are no asylum seekers, refugees, no climate change and no disadvantaged. I wonder if Australia would follow Italy’s example and have a day of mourning if the recent tragedy that happened off the coast of Lampedusa happened here.

    One of the articles I forwarded on recently was: Will Sri Lanka ever be held to account for its past? which was stating the same as you re persecution in Sri Lanka.

    We have heard that your Archbishop is doing some restructuring – I hope that is not affecting you.

    Take care and thanks again,


    Margaret Donaghy
    Resource Officer
    Tasmanian Catholic Justice and Peace Commission

    GPO Box 62
    Hobart Tas 7001
    Phone: (03) 6208 6271
    Fax: (03) 6208 6292

  2. Malachi Martin

    Jack, it looks like they are networking quite extensively in order to undermine Australia’s borders. Nothing can be done about that and fools like Margaret will continue to support socialist organisations. We merely have to keep checking on them to see what they are up to and keep a record of their activities. When they initiate their revolution, we will be well prepared. The Tamils in Sri Lanka are a despicable lot. The atrocities they committed during their uprising don’t bear thinking about. Thank goodness the Sri Lankans were able to hold out and crush them after much sacrifice.


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