Constitutional Recognition

The Murri Ministry Team and the Catholic Justice & Peace Commission will host a gathering on Wednesday 12 June to promote greater awareness about the campaign to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution. See Flyer

2 thoughts on “Constitutional Recognition

  1. Malachi Martin

    Yes, Jack. The Left wing of the Catholic church and Socialist everywhere in Australia always try to use the aboriginal people as pawns in their game to attain a New World Order. Some of these activists are well-intentioned but others, particularly the leader of this organisation, know what they are doing. They “know” that to bring about their dream of full State control of all people and assets on earth, they must first destroy what we have inherited. They give their lives towards this goal knowing they may never see the result. So must we. We will not stand idly by while they mutilate the Constitution and try to set the indigenous people against the rest in order to further their ambitions.

  2. Robert Wakely

    The Catholic Left wants to further the concept of Mabo by making all “aboriginal” land an autonomous State. Just another attack on the integrity of the Australian Commonwealth. Look what they did in Canada. They do not care about the welfare of the aboriginal people. Their aims transcend that. Their aim is the demolish the very concept of the Commonwealth. Catholicism is suited to this end because it is a transnational organisation already, that has little affection for the nation state. If the idea of the New World Order is correct, and I personally believe it is, then Catholicism is the ideal religion for that super state. But only temporarily, to help achieve the world government. After that, Catholics would be crushed. The Catholic Left is aware of the Church’s power, of course, and they have no hesitation in deploying their assets across international boundaries to achieve their nefarious aims. By the way, I am a Catholic and believe in the Good News, but I am also an Australian patriot. I have no sympathy with the Left who are using my Church to further their diabolical ends.


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