Good Friday Death Penalty Prayer Vigil

You are invited to join us to pray for all those on death row in Indonesia and around the world.

 The two Australians on death row in Indonesia, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, and the Nigerian man supported by Corinda-Graceville Parish, Titus Ani, will be the special focus of our prayers, but all women and men waiting for execution around the world will be remembered in prayer on the day Jesus was put to death on the cross.


    FRIDAY 29 MARCH 2013

 12 Noon


Churchill Street, Graceville


All are welcome.


For further information, please contact the Catholic Justice & Peace Commission of Brisbane on 3336 9173 or

1 thought on “Good Friday Death Penalty Prayer Vigil

  1. Dr Michael Furtado

    Some Indonesians (like some Australians) are corrupt because many are poor or ill-informed or lack choices! The Gospels, whatever else they do, categorically do not support the principle of logical retributive moral consequences that the earlier post appears to endorse. Some social analysis workshops organised by the CPJC might assist in clearing up the too easy logic here. And why is the Cathedral not being used for a ‘Death Watch’ Vigil? Where is the specific endorsement of the Archbishop for CPJC Statements? Archbishop Coleridge is widely regarded as a media star in ways in which very few other Bishops are similarly gifted. Where is his voice publicly heard to influence the position of the wider Church and Community on this and other spectacular political issues of social justice import, as Pope Francis advocates? Silence on Life and Death issues is often read as assent for the status quo! Come on, Archbishop! Time to speak up! This is what Archbishop Rush regularly did with Anglican Arcbishops John Grindrod and Peter Hollingsworth when I helped set up and was a member of the Commission. Proclaiming the Gospel of Justice and Peace should be like the roar of a lion rather than the purr of a pussycat! The world would then sit up and take notice! Or is THAT the real issue here? And where is there CPJC support for the Parish Priest of Maryborough for his petiton to repeal the homophobic excuse for gay bashing and murder that still lies on the Queensland statute books? Speak up, Catholic Church, lest our quiescence renders us deaf to the cries of the marginalised and makes us even more of a nonentity in the public square!


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