The Easter Cross from St Joseph's Church Collingwood. Photographer Tony Robertson

The Easter image this year is the Easter Cross from St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Collingwood.Victoria.

On April 2 2007 this historic Church was burnt to the ground. St Joseph’s has a long history of association with peace and justice ministry. It’s story includes the vision and witness of great pioneers of justice:

In 1942 Father Frank Lombard was appointed priest in charge of the parish of Collingwood to test the Y.C.W. in an industrial area. He went on to become national chaplain and Collingwood continued to practice the Cardijn methodology in its pastoral outreach.

It’s heroes include the remarkable Margaret Oats, “The Angel of Colllingwood” whose support for “her girls” in the high rise units of Collingwood made hers a household name in the suburb as a witness to faith and justice.

The Vietnamese Community, many who arrived in Australia s refugees, had a shrine in the Church and one of the liturgical highlights of the year was the annual English / Vietnamese Holy Thursday Mass.

Your Easter prayers and support are requested for this community.

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