Commentary on World Day of Peace Message 2007

Pope Benedict

World Day of Peace Message

In accordance with a tradition, begun by Pope Paul VI on December 8, 1967, of observing a World Day of Peace each year on January 1st, Pope Benedict XVI has issued his second World Day of Peace message, “The Human Person, the Heart of Peace. Containing the pope’s reflections on a number of what he regards to be interrelated topics—including the nature of the human person, the “grammar” of natural law, the “ecology of peace,” religious freedom, international humanitarian law, and the task of the Church and every individual Christian to “be committed to tireless peace-making and strenuous defence of the dignity of the human person and his inalienable rights” (par. 16)—and quoting the likes of Saint Francis of Assisi and Mahatma Gandhi.

This introductionis the beginning of a commentary published on the Ekklesia Project web. What do you think?

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