Prime Minister urged to support West Papua at Pacific Islands Forum

Prime Minister Morrison was urged to support the human rights of the people of West Papua and a United Nations Mission when he joined Pacific leaders at the Pacific Islands Forum leaders retreat on August 6th.


Urgent Support for People Seeking Asylum Needed

In the wake of the release of 50 men from detention in Brisbane, the Commission has prepared an information sheet to help supporters to provide assistance to people seeking asylum who do not get income or accommodation support from the Government. In particular, we are asking for help to support the ASRA Program with donations and also advocacy with State MPs for continued funding for ASRA.

Commission Calls for Action on Arrests in West Papua

The Commission has called for Australian Government action to pressure the Indonesian Government to end widespread human rights abuses in West Papua. This follows the arrest of over 50 Papuans attending a Papuan People’s Assembly meeting to evaluate the special autonomy program and funding.

MR Call for Action on West Papua Arrests

MaroonPrint for Queensland Post-COVID-19 Reconstruction

The Archdiocese of Brisbane is a partner organisation in the Queensland Community Alliance. The Leaders Council of the Alliance has endorsed a MaroonPrint which outlines the vision and principles it wants to guide the reconstruction of Queensland after the pandemic.

Maroonprint for Queensland Reconstruction – Vision and Principles (1)